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Text for Page 125 [08-18-1861]

             A Talk with John Conworth.
zed leather) made much of the children; I talk-
ed to John and then to her, wanting to get both
of �em to do a to-morrow�s excursion to Niagara,
but in vain.   �Ted� and William Conworth had set
tled to go.    We all supped together and an hour
or so afterwards George droved off, leaving me be-
hind, entirely to my satisfaction.          Mrs. H.
went off with the Martins, looking under the caleche,
prettier than ever, insomuch that as John Con-
worth walked with me to William Tew�s, I was
stimulated into asking him why he didn�t marry
her.      His answers to all I urged exhibited a
curious mixture of caution, passive selfishness
and amiability.    At first he professed that it was
better to live single; then objected to her being �a
widow�; said women �changed so� after mar-
riage; admitted he had �no fault to find with her�;
allowed that he might get a wife some day, but im-
plied that it mightn�t be her, and much more.   I prai-
sed the dear little woman as she deserved, and told
him that all Canada couldn�t produce her equal.
  John appears very friendly to me and I like the
  19.  Monday.   About with William Tew.   He is a
manly-looking fellow, with an aquiline nose, good
features freckled and sunburned complexion, dark-
ish hair and short beard, worn American-fashion, sha-               
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