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Text for Page 128 [08-19-1861]

	  To Paris and the Village.
is a hearty, hospitable, kindly, sensible Man every
inch of him.          It rained during the day, never-
the less we drove to Paris; principally to fill a three-
gallon stone bottle with whiskey an article which stands on
the table pretty nearly all day long here, at your
own inclination; and to get material for making nets
to catch crawfish.    Owing to the Niagara excursion
nearly every shop in the village was closed.    We went
to Neill�s Saloon, the Gore House, drank, talked, loaf-
ed, met jolly Dickson; loafed, talked and drank;
helped to stop a row at �Fluelling�s hotel�; talked,
loafed and drank and got home easily by about 9.
  20.  Tuesday.   With William Tew to the little
village (if it�s big enough to boast that name) where,
the other night, we found his brother.   I think my
host�s business was to see about disposing of a portion
of a lamb which he designed killing.    (Yesterday he
shot two fowls, as an expeditious manner of 
obtaining them.)   There was a knot of idlers at
the �Farmer�s Rest�, among them a drunken ex-troopers and very
protestant Irishman, who proposed the God bless the
Queen as long as she continued of his faith.       He had
been a soldier, was a blacksmith.          To Martin�s, to
obtain a cultivator.      Back.      Writing up to this pre-
sent moment, just 4 in the afternoon; my hearty
host being now dozing on the sofa, the day
cool and sunny without, summer insects buzzing               
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