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Text for Page 131 [08-22-1861]

	   Delectable Loafing.
  22.  Thursday.   Writing to Haney; Richard
Tew being going to Paris.   In the afternoon, af-
ter I had witnessed the killing and dressing of a 
sheep by my host, we both went to the creek, at
the scene of our first fishing expedition, and used
angle and line very successfully, until near sun-
set, Tew diversifying the pastime with a swim.
He enjoys both the sports and seems extremely,
and has a contemplative love of discussing life
from his simple yet manly point of view which
is as delightful, and more real than the reflective
talk of Joe Gargery.   At nightfall we baited
our nets and tried for crawfish, not catching
many, returning by 9 to sup luxuriously on 
our piscatorial prey and a woodcock, shot by
Tew yesterday.            He rents the farm of his
mother, who at present resides with him, instead
of owning it.    Talking of George Bolton, his tes-
timony confirms what was told by William Con-
worth about George�s little labor, while he lived
at John Conworth�s.    George, says William Tew,
used to fish with him, at least three times a week,
in summer and shoot for the same proportion in
Winter.    When George got married, he did it char-
acteristically, saying not a word of it to the Tews or
other acquaintances; though in daily communication
with them.       Nobody was present except the Con-               
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