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Text for Page 132 [08-22-1861]

	Talk of George Bolton.
worth family, Mrs. Hewitt and the clergyman.   I
believe he never wrote word of it to the folks at Nei-
throp; that they learnt it indirectly through Richard�s
or my letters to England.      Of course it never en-
tered his head to afford his bride a trip to Niagara
or some such excursion; I doubt if poor Sarah
Conworth ever had a week�s holiday in her life.
She retained her �shyness� to some extent after mar-
riage; William Tew tells an anecdote of her disap-
pearance, when he and three or four others called
at the house, from apprehension of meeting them.
  George must have more money than is supposed.
When we first crossed the Atlantic, I�m pretty sure
he could have quadrupled my �20.     His travel
in the U.S. cost him but little, he returned to
deal in coals with William, to live at home at free
cost and to save money.    I shouldn�t wonder if
he has some few thousands of dollars � say two or
three � at usury.      He told me he had invested over
$1,000 for Dick in that manner.          Incidentally
commending his skill in accounts, William Tew
remarked that it wasn�t visible when George undertook
to arrange the outstanding ones between John Con-
worth and Joseph Martin, which had got into such
a state of entanglement that neither could come to
a satisfactory conclusion.    George tried and accord-
ing to my host, erred by $200 or $200 to the               
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