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Text for Page 134 [08-22-1861]

           Susan Hewitt and John Conworth.
as an indirect justification of his parsimonous table.
He exaggerated the Scotch girl�s incapacity as
a cook, for a similar purpose.     I distrust that his
selfish regret for his dead wife as a housekeeper,
cook, tailor and maid of all work fully equalled
that entertained for her as a woman � if it did 
not excel it.            Harry Tew returned to Co-
bury on Monday, calling here to bid us goodbye.
  It appears evident that John Conworth�s pretty house-
keeper is decidedly fond of him, and the women here
sympathize with and champion her.     They know how
hard she works; how unselfish she is; how much
the household owes to her; and are half �out of patience�
with John for not behaving naturally � though like
all English women they accord an amount of deference
to man�s sovereingty which contrasts suggestively with
the rather rampant self-assertion common in the
femininity of the U. S.     Mrs. Hewitt had actually
packed up her trunks, made a farewell round of
calls and arranged to accompany Peter Gardiner
and his family to England, when John requested
her to remain, on the morning of her intended de-
parture!       The little woman told Mrs. Tew that
it was �too bad� that he should have permitted her
to go so for (he had driven her about to do the
good-byes) without asking her to stay, before.
She knew what people would say, she added, about               
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