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Text for Page 139 [08-25-1861]

              A Brighton Beauty in Canada
my arm round little Mary Jane�s waist part of the way.
  26.  Monday.   Writing to my mother.   After din-
ner John Tew came, with the two Englishmen and
presently John Conworth rode up.  After two hours�
desultory talk, John Tew and I set off to Paris
in his cart, and thence, having got papers,
whiskey and other necessaries, to �Jemmy Baker�s,�
stopping by the way to have a crack of talk with the
father of George Bolton�s housekeeper, who was of the
opinion that a judgment of civil war had fallen
upon the Americans, because of their being a verra
wicked people and awful swearers!     Baker we
found �cultivating� in a field and he gave us a char-
acteristically hearty welcome.  We sat, talked war and
Pine Pond, drank, and anon had tea; when I was
pleasantly placed beside the pretty, English wife of
Baker�s brother-in-law, whom I had seen on my for-
mer call upon him.      She is but recently-arrived
in Canada and newly-wed; her husband crossed
the Atlantic for his health, and brought back with him
this fair-faced young woman.        She has clumpy
dark, shining hair, dark eyes, a fair skin,
and a quiet, good way with her; and it was pleasant
to elicit a few half-shy remarks from her pretty,
innocently-shaped mouth, with its ruddy lips and
white teeth.     I thought Canada must seem out of the
world to her, after Brighton � her English home.               
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