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Text for Page 141 [08-28-1861]

         W. Conworth�s notion of a Holiday.
  28.  Wednesday.   W. Conworth came; he having
been �berrying� with �Ted� yesterday and slept at his
brother�s.     Of course he had walked from George�s,
and designed returning thither, this afternoon, in John�s 
wagon; taking pretty Mrs. Hewitt with him, for a visit,
she to return in the evening.       Meantime honest Wil-
liam had come for a scythe, with the intention of em-
ploying the rest of his holiday in working for his
brother.    That intention I frustrated, by inviting him
to go fishing with William Tew and myself, which
the young fellow enjoyed mightily.   With the addition
of boy Willy we busied ourselves in catching �bait�
until noon, when W. Conworth must fain depart,
with a dish of fish for house consumption.  At din-
ner there arrived a boy-express from Baker�s, sta-
ting that Mrs. B. had the dysentery and, that, there-
fore, her husband couldn�t go � which upset out
arrangements about a camping-out expedition to
Pine Pond.    John Tew appeared presently; when
we had more talk and no conclusion; the question
being the old one of horses, for one of which we had
relied on Baker.           W. Tew had but two; both need-
ed for farming operations; his brother has four, but
was unwilling to lose two days� labor, proposing to
go on the morrow at 4 A. M., instead of this after-
noon, throwing over the camping-out project, upon
which William and I had principally reckoned.     Af-               
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