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Text for Page 146 [08-31-1861]

        I have the pretty Housekeeper in my Arms.
their father and myself.     A great time getting every-
body over the bridge, and some wailing on the part of
the juveniles.         Fishing; I undertaking the putting
on of the worms and the taking off the fish for Mrs.
Hewitt.      Anon, fishing myself, recrossing the bridge
and up the stream.           Returning, while on a slippery
log got a tumble into the water; necessitating a visit
to the house and change of boots and breeches.   Found
a fire blazing on my return and the cooking of fish
in progress.     All dined merrily, using my plank-
mattress for a table.      A lovely, sunny, cheery
day; perhaps no more wit among us than usual but
certainly plenty of laughter.   The children ubiquitous
and exacting in the matter of swinging, for Tew
had rigged a rope for them.   By about 4, it was gen-
erally proposed that we should cross over to the opposite
shore between which and us, brawled a little stream,
perhaps knee-deep, over its pebbly bed.   As there
was neither bridge nor stepping-stones, of course
the women must either wade or be carried over.  In-
fluenced partly by Mrs. Tew (who pronounced for con-
veyance-by-husband) partly by him (who liked the
fun) the pretty widow agreed to emulate her com-
panion�s example.    So Tew strode through, bearing
Mrs. T. in his arms, and disdaining to remove his
socks and sturdy ancle-boots.    Then I carried
Mrs. Hewitt over, going in bare-legged.   N.B.  She               
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