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Text for Page 148 [08-31-1861]

	          I see Her Home.
Hood on a similar occasion.     And, when safe over,
some of the children strip and paddle about in the
stream like young aborigines.     The cows have been
in search of the salt of our dinner-table, upsetting
things and trying to munch the table-cloth.    More
mirth, swinging, packing-up and fishing, at the
last of which employment we are fain to have Mary
Jane and Willy, to return to the farm-house, when
they so please.   We go thither and sup.  And at
about 8, I walk home with pretty Mrs. Hewitt, talk-
ing of Sarah Ann and of John Conworth by the way.   At
the house, we find only �Ted,� taking off his earthy boots
in the obscurity of the kitchen; and when I ask him, in-
cidentally, whether John has gone after Mrs. Hewitt,
he responds �No!� with a mixture of currishness and
rusticity, inciting the dear little widow to a mild ex-
pression of blended self-depreciation and feminine pique,
as she turns into the sitting-room and busies herself
about washing up the tea-things, which have not been
removed from the table.           John himself comes in
almost immediately and is, as usual, very friendly
and hospitable.       Presently he sees me three parts of
my way back to hearty William Tew�s, whose house
I leave for Conworth�s on Monday.      I wish I had
a farm of a hundred acres adjoining it with Han-
nah Bennett to wife.
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