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Text for Page 149 [06-22-1861]

	   Pape and his Son.
lady and old Jewitt.  He doesn�t pay any
board, has no business, scarcely ever goes out
of doors and devotes his time exclusively to
the foolish woman, who seems to be realizing
the proverb, �no fool like an old fool.�
  �In which case the house will go to the
devil.       Pape, our Southerner, a light-hair-
ed, feline and suspiciously civil man, it ap-
pears, licks his son atrociously; by way of
improving him in music and making a prodigy
of the boy.       He pulled the lad�s ears horribly
and struck him on the head with his clenched
fist in Mrs. Geary�s presence; insomuch that
the pitiful-hearted little woman went out of
the room and crie nearly cried her blue eyes
out.     She wishes �some of the gentlemen� would
interfere.         The boy himself is, in public, of
the Daniel Martin order, therefore obnoxious; I
infer the father intends social cannibalism, train-
ing his son to become a Phenomenon and then
living on him.      We returned by water, getting
back by 6 or sooner.              I was fetched down
stairs by Mrs. Palmer to see Lizzy Woodward,
whom I found looking pretty and saucy, in
the room recently tenanted by the Ham,
and talked to for five minutes.
  23.  Sunday.   To Brooklyn, to visit               
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