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Text for Page 151 [09-01-1861]

	A Letter from Bowman.
met the three sisters of George�s �Bella� in Paris
on Thursday; when they looked so different from 
the un-crinolined and occasionally bare-legged las-
ses that I had been accustomed to see in the unfur-
nished room of the turnpike, that, but for a smile
of recognition from Mary, I shouldn�t have known 
  2.  Monday.   Packing up and doing chores inci-
dental to removal.   Walked to John Conworth�s in
the afternoon; then with him in the buggy back to
William�s; to Johnny Hough�s, and to John Tew�s,
where my two especial friends, little Polly and Anna,
did rush out at me and insist on being carried about
and tossed aloft; as much to my gratification as their
own.      They must needs be driven a little distance,
too, on our departure.          To Paris.    A letter dated
�Tribune� Office, from Bowman, strenuously exhort-
ing me to visit his folks, in Waterloo county; with
four pages about them and their belongings to study
which would require a month�s time, possibly two.�
To sundry stores, getting horse shod &c.      Return
after sunset, to William Tew�s; leaving purcha-
ses for him.  I had bought a lamp, also, for Mrs.
Tew.     William, I think, was a little irate about
certain �breachy� cattle of John Conworth�s, which
had overnight entered his garden and devastated
the cabbage patch.      I heard the noise at about mid-               
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