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Text for Page 154 [09-03-1861]

	 One of Dickens� Errors.
He exhibited occasional prejudice and narrowminded-
ness in his estimate of people and, like all dwellers
in a limited social sphere, talked of small matters
with a redundency and particularity of detail utterly
disproportionate to their importance.     So much of
the drawbacks on the character of the my most hos-
pitable host, the hearty Warwickshire yeoman, which
I put down for quarry purposes.         I am persuaded
that Dickens is wrong in attributing so much refine-
ment and delicacy of feeling to his humbler characters.
In life Joe Gargery would not have had the magnan-
imity to have remained perfectly uncomplaining under
Pip�s ingratitude; to have relieved him with such
generosity and delicacy; to have found a Christian
apology for Pumblechook.     He might have done
all the goodness put down to him; but the narrow-
mindedness, inevitable in his position in life, would
have rendered it impossible to be manifested in
such a fashion.        Dickens always falls too much
in love with his good, eccentric, humble characters to
ma humanize them with a few faults.    Thackeray�s
Little Sister in �Philip� is the truth.            With
William Tew to the island for nets, then with him,
them and boy Willy to Conworth�s.    After tea to
Simpson�s dam, the four of us, trying for crawfish, with but
little success.   Returned by about 9.
  4.  Wednesday.   In doors, reading, writing and               
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