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Text for Page 155 [09-04-1861]

	   More Holiday-making.
loafing during the morning.     In the afternoon to
Paris with John Conworth; sent off letter to Bow-
man, got �Tribunes�; did chores.   Coming out from
O�Neills, when about mounting the buggy, met
George Bolton.    He seemed friendly, momentarily;
talked crops with Conworth for half and hour, and
then asked me when I was going to �give him a turn�
of another week; increasing his request that I
should do so in proportion to my declining; on the
plea of a visit to Waterloo county and an already 
protracted holiday.     Back to Conworth�s. He off
to Martin�s, after tea.    Reading news by a woodfire
to pretty housekeeper � for I don�t reckon �Ted� as au-
dience � till his return.       This day chilly and cloudy.
  5.  Thursday.   Writing during the morning;
in the afternoon to William Tew�s and with him,
boys Willy and Arthur, to the stream, where I caught
enough fish for tomorrow�s breakfast.    Supped with
the Tews, returning to Conworth�s by 8 �.
  6.  Friday.   Writing story till 3 P. M.   Then, with
John Conworth to Paris in wagon.     In the evening
to Willaim Tew�s together, to settle about tomorrow�s
�berrying� excursion and pic-nic; which, after as
much discussion as might have preceded a camping
(after the manner of country-people about such mat-
ters) is appointed for the morrow.
  7.  Saturday.   A very slight shower and a cloudy               
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