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Text for Page 156 [09-07-1861]

	           A Pleasant Ride.
morning modified our hopes as to the fineness of
the day, to be, however, agreeably realized.   With
Mrs. Hewett and John Conworth into wagon.     (Ap-
ropos of the second, I must put down that yesterday,
when I was about to set off to Tew�s, she wanted to
clean my boots!  �I always do it for them;� she said,
in reply to my refusal.        �I�m sorry to hear it,� I
answered.)     At Tews, we were joined by William
and his wife and Mary Jane, the latter of whom
occupied my lap, at first, as I sat beside our
driver, John Conworth; the pretty housekeeper and
William Tew filling the hind-seat, with Mrs T. accomo-
dated on the laps of both.          Pursuing the road to
Pine Pond, sc John�s two horses rattles us
merrily onwards; the day growing sunnier and plea-
santly sultry as it advanced.       At Robinson
Smiley�s we paused; he and his wife, having resol-
ved on a similar expedition, agreed to follow us.
Continuing our journey, William changed seats with
me, and I had the pretty housekeeper on my lap
for the rest of the way.   By 11, we had done about
that number of miles, reaching a rough wooded
tract of country, overgrown with blackberry and
other bushes and plentifully obstructed by the
trunks of fallen trees.      Hitching up hoses, we
all set to work gathering blackberries, of which there
were more than enough.      I walked industriously               
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