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Text for Page 157 [09-07-1861]

             Blackberrying and Picnicking.
for an hour or more; part of the time in the
vicinity of the pretty housekeeper.  At half-past-one
we pic-nicked merrily on the grass by the road-
side, completing our banquet of sandwiches with
berries and cream, brought by Mrs. H. in a bottle.
Our meal was a protracted one and a great success.
Then the industrious women must fain go to work
again; what time we lazier lords of creation lay
on the grass, on buffalo or sheep skins and enjoyed
ourselves, myself being the idlest.     In truth I smo-
ked, dozed, read, talked and mused the best part
of the afternoon away, until the others rejoined
me, in a scattering and struggling fashion.      Some
had got �lost,� involving the necessity of some hollaing.
There were other parties in the woods, intent on the
same object; wagons passed us, laden with round-
hatted girls and rustics, and buckets and cans fil-
led with berries.    Also a disreputable scarecrow
of a woman named Campbel (mother of a disrepu-
table and numerous progeny) came by, with a
husband and bucket; the contents of which were
purchased by our party.  She lived on the outskirts
and, during this season, occupied herself exclusively
in �berrying.�         Gathered together again, we sat
or lay on the grass, and at William Tew�s instiga-
tion, got to singing.   His wife, the pretty housekeeper,
Smiley and I were the vocalists.       Overhead the sky               
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