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Text for Page 158 [09-07-1861]

	      I kiss Susan Hewett.
was of a beautifully pale blue, with little flecks of
golden cloud in it; scarcely a breath of wind stir-
red the green foliage of the pines, whose tall trunks
were mostly smooth and bare until towards the sum-
mits, while innumerable others stood around, quite
dead, like a preserve of titanic fishing-rods.     In
the cool, fresh, woody air, one could detect a latent
savor of autumn.          By 6 we entered our wagons
again and rattled, merrily to Smiley�s; pausing
only for ale at a �Farmer�s Home� � of course at
Tew�s suggestion.   At Smiley�s, we had tea, and
more singing afterwards, Robinson playing on the
fiddle and his wife on a piano, very much out of
tune.     She is a sister of the wives of Arthur and
John Tew; her husband, a Canadian.         It was
not until past 9 that we turned out into a rather
dark night; for their was no moon and not many
stars.     That, however, I didn�t object to, as the
pretty housekeeper had to occupy her former posi-
tion, nor to the joltings occasioned by the stones
in the road; as, of course, it became necessary for
me to put my arm round her waist, as (perhaps)
for one of hers to rest on my shoulder. Could I help kissing her sweet lips? � only once. We parted
with the Tews at their house amid much barking
of dogs, and roused �Ted� from his slumbers by 11.
  8.  Sunday.   Reading, loafing, talking with Wil-
liam Tew (who came up for an hour) and scribbling               
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