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Text for Page 159 [09-08-1861]

	Off for Waterloo County.
till dinner-time.    In-doors during the rest of the
dull day.     
             Reading to John and Mrs. H. in the evening.
  9.  Monday.   Writing in the forenoon; to W. Tew�s
with John Conworth by 4, fishing in the creek, boy
Willy with us.    His father and John Tew design a-
nother fishing excursion to Pine Pond to-morrow.
  10.  Tuesday.   Off early in buggy with John Con-
worth to visit Bowman�s kinsfolk, in Waterloo
county; the morning cloudy, but very pleasant; the
air fresh and sweet, the dew lying thick on the
grass, the trees still and beautiful in their heavy
verdure.   At Paris, obtained a letter from Haney.
He, Eliza, Jack, and Mattie spent nearly a week
at Nyack with the Nichols family; enjoying them-
selves �in a quiet, aquatic way of evenings and
Sundays; somewhat to the scandal of a neigh-
bor.�   Haney adds: �Things much the same at 745,
except that business (Mrs. Edwards�) is bad and
signs of approaching matrimony strong; the sofa-
esque isolation continues and maddens.       Bellew
is back.     He looks exceedingly English, in a hat
that weighs a pound and nearly rests on the bridge
of his nose, thick black cloth coat, and light Bri-
tish shoes.  He has more color but not more flesh;
arrives in very good health as does Mrs. Bellew
and Allie Baby.    They were so ill, however, before               
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