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Text for Page 163 [09-10-1861]

	     And their Antecedents.
nursery, comprising seventeen acres.    There we
lay on the grass and talked South Carolina un-
til John dozed and it began to rain, which sent
us back to the house, to young Bowman�s �study� �
a bare, small room with only three doors in it, ex-
clusive of that leading into the yard.     It had sun-
dry cheerful books, of the Fowler and Wells kidney
in it, on Electro-Biology, Hygenic principles, Cold
Water cure and the like, in which I imagine young
Bowman to be deeply versed.   His family like the
people of the vicinity, are of peculiar origin.   Of Swiss
German descent,                                they emigrated
from Pennsylvania to this portion of Canada, in
from 1800 to 1825.   Many of them being �Meno-
nites� in faith,             (a title adopted from the
founder) were exposed to persecution during the war
of 1812, in consequence of their tenet of non-resist-
ence and opposition to war, for �the Menonites,�
as Bowman wrote, �are a sort of Quaker sect, ori-
ginating from the Waldenses, and in blood, a 
cross between Swiss and Hollanders.�      It now
rained outside dismally; young Bowman left us, John
Conworth dipped into an amusing publication attri-
buting all man�s physical evils to his pervesity in feed-
ing upon and using other articles besides those pro-
duced by the soil upon which he was born, and I
dozed.        The afternoon wore on.   Supper at 6,               
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