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Text for Page 167 [09-11-1861]

	             Off again.
little covered buggy which looked like our old-
fashioned London cab in desperately reduced cir-
cumstances, we sat down to breakfast, �Penn-
sylvania Dutch� duplicate of the two preceding
meals.   The girls were called Carrie and Lizzie;
Carrie, the dark-haired one, not being bad-
looking.   They said scarcely a word, their brother
speaking for them.           Loafing in the big room, a
pipe there.   The mist hung heavily over the stream
and distant forest, producing beautiful atmosphe-
ric effects, the fine drizzle fell perpetually.     In
the bookcase were a score or so of volumes, in Ger-
man or English, most of them intensely 
uninviting, each book generally having the 
date of its purchase, the name of its seller and
the price paid for it written on the fly-leaf.   An
hour thus then into our buggy and goodbye to
Carlisle Hill and our Deutsche friends.      We
passed cousin Isaac presently, going, under shelter
of an umbrella to his schoolhouse.   (I had observed
Carrie set off to it, before, in blue stockings, shoes
and short skirts, carrying a slate.)             The drizzle
fell fine and fast, but we were stoutly clad,
had two sheepskins over our legs and could afford
to defy it.      Though the wet, solitary, Canadian
country, over the miry roads we kept on,
during the morning, young Bowman having made               
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