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Text for Page 169 [09-11-1861]

	  Return to Conworth�s
An aunt of the Tews and of the Conworth�s, Mrs.
Richard Bass, widow of he who died in 1849 at
Quarantine, Staten Island, was staying there.
We dined, stayed till 3 � P. M., then set off
again homewards, arriving at the house upon a
hill by 7, where a cosy meal and a good fire
upon the hearth awaited us � both the work of the
fingers of pretty Mrs. Hewett, who, I notice, always
contrives to dress herself in perfectly good taste, des-
pite her multifarious occupations.
  12.  Thursday.   The weather fine again.   Scrib-
ling till 3 � P. M. then to William Tew�s.    Found
him nutting in the little copse adjoining his grounds
in company with Edwin Conworth.   After filling
my pockets, returned to the house with William and
presently went a fishing.      Great success, in about
an hour he had caught over three pounds weight,
consisting mainly of what juvenile Britishers would
denominate �whoppers.�    Supped at the house and
returned to Conworth�s with the fish by 8 �.
  13.  Friday.   With John, in wagon, to Paris,
calling at W. Tew�s preliminarily, to get that �stone
jug� which wanted filling.        At the post-office, ob-
tained letters, from Boweryem and Jack Edwards.
The latter relates a last Sunday�s visit to Newark,
involving an after-dinner call on Damoreau, appa-
rently a repetition of mine and Haney�s experience               
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