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Text for Page 173 [09-13-1861]

has invitations to pass a week or two out of New
York, one at Sing Sing, in a ladies� school, the
other with Mrs Foster at Williamsburg, but
cannot accept either �for want of wardrobe.�  I
can guess how the first one originated, it is highly
characteristic of Boweryem.   He sent one of his ad-
vertisement circulars to the principal and she, re-
turning a lady-like answer regretting her inability
to avail herself of his services for want of means,
inspired him with a spasmodic enthusiasm for
the writer, to whom he instantly addressed a long
letter about the future education of his little girl
in England!            To return: Boweryem wrote
to Cobb lately, about some guns and rifles, Bob
Gun wishes him to sell; �I suppose we might make
$10,000 by the job�!         Stockton is beginning to
write editorials for the �World.�  Whether of the late
�Saturday Press� is talked of as about beginning a
literary and critical paper.        Shepherd has spread
himself out of his situation.       O�Brien promenades
Broadway for the purpose of exhibiting a curious and
newly-fashioned fatigue-cap.   The �Courier� is at its
last gasp, as is �Vanity Fair.�      Underhill is earning
his honorarium of $100, besides his board and
that of his family, by writing watering-place corres-
pondence from Cape May � a job offered to me
by Weston, through Boweryem.  Weston is at Long               
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