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Text for Page 174 [09-13-1861]

	      Boweryem�s News.
Branch.    Lizzie Woodward was at 132, last
night, and �made at slight motion of avoidance� on
the sight of the writer, when he �turned on his heel
and walked up stairs.�       Mrs. Butler has cut Bow-
eryem for alluding to Le Van (who is in her room
every evening when she is at home) as Caliban.  Mrs.
Geary fraternizes with the gentleman and with Cahill.
Pape hammers his boy, and the boy hammers the
piano, as of old.   Boweryem has had �a recontre
with an old flame of two years ago &c.      It is a
pity I cannot like her as she likes me, for she is
very pretty but too ignorant for my taste.�  Then fol-
lows an account how �a pretty little singer� whom he
knew in Philadelphia, �married to a very common
fellow, has been match-making with� himself and
a friend of hers, how the two �had got as far as
the playful stage of flirtation when his married
friend �blocked her own game by a sudden fit
of jealousy,� at which the narrator ejaculates
�How wonderful are the ways of women!�    A
postscript of three days later to this letter tells me
that its writer is �likely to be Colonel�s secretary
in the Washington Grays, to go soon to the war,�
that Cordova didn�t engage him as door-keeper, that
his audience was Hebraical and his lecture clap-
trap doggerel.              The second epistle commences
with the allusion to the row with Cahill, narrates               
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