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Text for Page 176 [09-13-1861]

	       Boweryem�s News.
as specified (for friends here.)    The house does not
prosper; Mrs. Boley can pay no rent.     Bradshaw,
the bold sea-rover, has come back from Hispaniola,
and the Spanish Main, looking very scarlet and
black; he is getting up a �senile-blue-bottle flirtation
with Tomlinson.    Mrs. Butler forgave Boweryem,
�for that he was merciful to Cahill and appeared
not against him;� Jones proved an antidote to
Le Van in her good graces.    �Last night came
Captain Kettle of the ___ Chasseurs, in blue uniform
and gilt shoulder straps, and with him, his su-
perior officers, Mrs. Kettle and son.       Pape and boy
are gone.    Underhill is in Washington, correspon-
dent of the Times.    The Tribune is to be reduced
in size.        Stedman complains that the World un-
derpays him wretchedly.       Then follows a page 
and a half about Boweryem�s reception of a letter
from a former employer in England, �so kind
that it brought tears into the little man�s eyes, to
read it, and details how he wrote �a monstrously
long letter in reply, giving a full explanation of
the causes of the American Civil war and another
to his friend�s wife, involving �items about Ameri-
can domestic affairs, such as dress, courtship,
matrimony and funerals.� ! ! !     Adds Boweryem
�It is a great consolation to me, that I have such
dear friends.�  He has also written to Cobb, denun-               
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