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Text for Page 177 [09-13-1861]

	    To George Bolton�s.
ciatory of the officers of the late British Volun-
teers, �exposing the whole swindle,� how the pay-
master had been arrested for embezzling, how the
appointments were for sale and how the quarter-
master had talked Secession, after Bull Run,
he being a Marylander.   �I told them,� says Bow-
eryem, �that I would squelch them, if I did not
get my money!�     And his letter terminates with
advice to me to stay in Canada as long as I can,
as I shall find things in New York as bad as I 
can imagine.           To George Bolton�s.  Our ar-
rival brought out Bella and William Conworth,
but not George, who (perfectly aware of our ar-
rival) sat writing until the horse and wagon having
been put up, we entered.  He had the diarrhaeh,
the others informing us.  Dinner, with little talk.
Afterwards, I sat reading newspapers outside the
kitchen, John Conworth dozing beside me (for
the day was sunny and sultry), William proffering
apples and keeping us company, while George in
is wonted sociable manner, preferred reading alone
in the darkened parlor.      An hour or more thus,
then John, George and I walked over the fields to
Baker�s.      That hearty individual we found super-
intending an excavation under his barn.     Watching
the progress of this awhile, we afterwards adjourn-
ed to his house, drank gin-and-water and discus-               
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