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Text for Page 178 [09-13-1861]

           A last �good bye� to W. Conworth.
sed the war and other topics, disputatiously.   Pretty
Mrs Puckeridge and her husband had left Baker�s.
�He thinks I�m a humbug,� said hearty Baker, �and
I�m sure he is one.�       Sharpe the schoolteacher cal-
led, for a short time.         Baker went back with us 
to George�s and we all supped sumptuously, on mut-
ton, freshly fried.    (Its appearance had been pre-
viously accounted for by William, who incidentally
mentioned that a neighbor had volunteered �a quar-
ter� to be returned �any time we killed.)      Shortly
after, John and I left.           I shook hands with a
great deal of good will and liking for William Con-
worth and parted quite cordially with the Scotch
girl, who had been especially friendly all the day.
George had proposed coming over to Conworth�s so
I had not to say farewell to him.              This day�s
visit, indeed, was of John Conworth�s suggesting,
when we met George in Paris.       I think he may
come over tomorrow, as he wants to plan a visit to
to Pine Pond with John Tew; he would not other-
wise.    When he took me to Arthur�s some weeks ago,
it was a business motive which influenced him; he
wanted to lend Arthur some two or three hundred
dollars from the �100 received from the good aunt
of his dead wife � of course at interest.     He spake
of it as though it were done at the dictates of friend-
ship.               John Conworth rattled me homewards               
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