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Text for Page 179 [09-13-1861]

            Fishing with the kindly Tews.
very expeditiously, almost before the last streak
of crimson had died out of the gorgeous sunset.
I felt a little matagrabolized at the thought of
my approaching departure from a good many kind
people who I have learnt to like very much.
  14.  Saturday.   A wet day.      Scribbling until 
near 4, then to William Tew�s, in John Conworth�s
wagon, with boy Willy and Richard Tew, John
having occasion to pass by the door. (Have I yet
                    put down that Richard is the elder
brother of the family, yet works for William for
$100 a year, doing, I think, the major portion of the
farm labor.     He has some land of his own, too.)
Out fishing, for the last time, with William and the
juniors, including m Mary Jane, until past sun-
down, then returning to sup at the house.  By 9
back to John Conworth�s, my mind full of the
good people I am leaving.       A magnificent moon-
light night, a great ocean of clear sky from north
to southern poles, bounded by luminous continents
of cloud.   The knot of shady trees at the entrance
of Conworth�s land, and those over the ^|little| grave yard
very dark and peaceful and still.
  15.  Sunday.   George Bolton appeared, having
ridden hither on horseback.  Just as usual in man-
ner.     He and John Conworth went out together
in the morning, to make the usual circuit about               
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