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Text for Page 180 [09-15-1861]

             Pretty Susan�s Confidences.
the farm � an inevitable portion of a Canadian
visit.     I stayed in doors, scribbling, reading
and packing up.    In the evening, I suggested a
combined visit to William Tew�s, and Mrs. Hew-
itt (who was headachy from staying in doors), on
my suggestion, accompanied us.   Half an hour
with the kind family, then return, John poking
me to bear the pretty housekeeper company, while
he and George draggled in the rear.         It was ano-
ther fine night, and as we walked down the road,
we talked of John and the dear little woman
unconsciously revealed her feelings towards him in
the most artless manner.       �She knew him so well,�
she said, �he didn�t like to hear women talk �
she could always tell directly when he wasn�t
pleased.�   She evidently likes his character in all
its traits but that one, being quick to recognize
its sterling worth, though discouraged at his pre-
sumed indifference to women.   �I try to do my
best,� she answered in reply to my assertion that
she, and Englishwomen like her, did not know
how good they were.     We spoke of Sarah Con-
worth and of Sarah Ann Bolton.          Of course she
knew of John�s flame for the latter.       �There was
something of a liking between them,� I said.    A very
great deal, she thought, and evidently attributed
John�s celibacy, in a considerable degree, to the break               
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