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Text for Page 182 [09-16-1861]

	        Back to the U. S.
Tew�s, decided not to do so.     Goodbye to kind
William and his kind wife and God bless them!
and on the road.   Paris.    At the post-office, the
Gore Hotel &c.  George calls at Hart�s office and
doesn�t find him.         Parting with him he tells
me that he thinks more of me than of anybody he
knows; that he doesn�t care about money so much
as he used to do, and that if I am hard up
in the anticipated hard times, he has plenty
and will be ready to aid me (presumably at 10 per cent. interest) � which made
me feel momentarily as if I ought to burn this volume of
my Diary.   Then George rides off and John
drives me to the railroad station.      Good bye to
him and aboard the cars.     Day dullish.        Nia-
gara City by about 4.      At the U. S. hotel, at
which I put up three years ago, found a son
of Mrs Griffin, who told me that Miss Cooper
had recently arrived at his mother�s from New
York, and that he was in attendance as a wit-
ness in a law-case, conducted by Davis, the
plain husband of the pretty Weighty, who has a 
baby and is one of the most devoted of mothers.
This Griffin seemed a loaferish young fellow.
A two mile walk to Niagara village and house,
formerly hotel of that name.    Found Miss Lucia
conversing with an acquaintance, who soon left.
Talk with her, with Mrs. Griffin and Miss Julia               
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