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Text for Page 183 [09-16-1861]

	A Walk on Goat Island.
Griffin, the latter of whom was fetched from her
chamber and indisposition.  Her sister lives at
one of the second-class hotels in the village.  We
all talked about old acquaintances, including
Mrs. Theodore Griffin, ex-Gouverneur, now in
Paris, from whence she writes about �dear Lucia,�
telling her that she should be perfectly happy were she
with her, and that she spends her whole time in search-
ing for some present to bring home to her.     Presently
I proposed a walk and all four of us crossed to
Goat Island.    Its woods were as black and sombre,
the rush and roar of the waters as great, the ra-
pids as beautiful and terrible as when I first
visited them.   While looking at the American
Fall in company with Miss Cooper, (the others decli-
ning the descent of steps leading to it) the moon came
out and gave us a lunar rainbow.         To the Horse-
shoe Fall.      I visited the tower on Terrapin Rock
alone, mindful, incidentally, of Sally and Tommy
Nast coming thither in less than two weeks on
their bridal holiday.   Returning, I walked alterna-
tely with Lucia and Miss Julia.         A little chaff
and talk with the latter produced an avowal of
her being at feud with her sister, whom she does
not visit, nor has, since the marriage.       Julia in-
timated that the fault lay on Weighty�s side and
said that if I knew all, I shouldn�t blame her.               
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