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Text for Page 186 [09-18-1861]

                Visited the Rogers� Family.
Rogers said, with emphasis on the word, but
making light of the fact, which his wife sub-
sequently ignored utterly, with that magnificent
unfairness universal in women towards those 
they don�t like.�   The thing had been intended be-
fore we had ever heard of her coming!� declaimed 
Mrs R.        Doubtless she and her husband were
not superior to the human weakness of desiring to
see the �Juvenile Zouaves in the Ledger, though both
would have strenuously denied it, and it might be
merely a secondary principle in inducing their in-
vitation to Fanny.        Well, Fanny having taken
a dislike to Mrs Galusha, who, she declared had not
treated her with proper respect and deference, when
in New York, in not calling to bid her farewell, ex-
torted a promise from Jim, given in such terms
as: �If you don�t go, I won�t.�        So to Rochester
they came, Mrs Edwards and Jack being there,
and Mrs Thomson, Mort Thomson�s mother stay-
ing at Galushas.    Fanny, by the way, hates her now,
declaring that she is false, a hypocrite, and the
like, to Mrs Rogers, though she flies at, �dear So-
phy� and kisses her when they meet.  �Why does
she detest her?� I asked of Jim�s sister, �she
used to be Fanny�s most devoted.�   �Because she
is a woman!� replied Mrs Rogers.        Fanny and
Jim came then, and she did a good deal of gush-               
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