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Text for Page 187 [09-18-1861]

	      �Fanny� won�t go.
ing at first.   She was again charmed with her
host.  �So refreshing!� she said of sturdy Bill�s
manners, �it revives one like a fresh breeze.�
She had not then speculated on the possibility of the
breeze rising to such a wind as blew her out of the 
house.    When the folks got to picking apples in the
orchard, Fanny must needs pluck flowers and
moss and arrange them on a plate, beseeching �Mary�
to abandon her more useful employment to come
and admire them.   �We did our best to keep her in
good humor,� said Mrs Edwards to me, six days
from the date under which I write �but one rainy
day, we were very much afraid she�d break out.�
Well, the day of the Zouave drill arrived.  Fan
heard everything discussed without demur until the
morning and then intimated that she wouldn�t go.
She and Jim were going to take a walk to the lower
fall, they should enjoy themselves very much, the
others were to go along and not trouble about them.
Everybody attempted to persuade her.     No! she
wouldn�t go.     Mary ought to know that Mrs. Galu-
sha had insulted her by neglecting to call &c.     Jim
got indignant.   �No! you won�t go! not for the
universe, you wouldn�t! nor the whole solar
system!�    There was a row, Fanny holding
him to his promise, his sister dispensing with fur-
their entreaties about Fan, but telling him how               
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