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Text for Page 188 [09-18-1861]

	      A Row with Jim.
how his friends expected his presence.    Fan either
walked out or went up stairs � I think the for-
mer � and the prompt Mary incautiously whisked
Jim off to the proposed entertainment.  During
it, Fanny did the emotion in her room or lin-
gered about the outside of the house.  �Uncle
John� saw her sitting on the stoop and told Rogers
there was a woman there.  �Perhaps you�d better
ask her if she doesn�t want some cold victuals,�
responded bluff Bill.     When Jim and Mary
returned, Fanny descended from her apartment
and addressing honest Jack Edwards, who sat
near the door, requested his company for an eve-
ning walk, saying that she knows that she
cannot sleep that night without exercise.  Jack
rises with such palpable reluctance that she per-
ceives it, and �won�t trouble him.�  Whisking round
towards Jim who sits beside his sister, she de-
mands his company �if Mary can spare him.�
Mary replies, �Oh yes, Fanny!� says that she is
just going to bed and wishes her guest a good-
night, to which Fanny tosses her head without
reciprocation.   Then Jim breaks out into indignant
blasphemy: He�ll be damned if he�ll go with her,
he says.     And, marching out, he leaves her to
tears and execrations.    And so that night ends
stormily.  When Fan and Jim came down to               
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