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Text for Page 189 [09-18-1861]

	  �Fanny� calls names,
breakfast in the morning �you never saw two
such Guys,� depones Rogers.  Neither had slept a
wink all night.       Jim had begged her to let him
have silence, when he would return with her to New
York in the morning; she had wept and bewailed 
herself and accused him.     After breakfast the
opposition, discovering that Jim was really so
ill and weak as to be unfit for travel, suggested
that she should go to a hotel in Rochester, to remain
there during the day and that Jim should join
her in time for the night-train.   The prime mover
of this was, of course, Mrs Rogers, who prevail-
ed upon her husband to undertake the agreeable
task of breaking it to Fan.        Fan in the mean
time had tried to enlist him as her champion, talk-
ing dispraise of his wife, when the ex-Californ-
ian shut her up very promptly.      Then Fanny,
in a bit of a walk with her husband, was guilty
of the additional imprudence of calling his sister
�an ill-tempered skeleton!� at which Jim blas-
phemed and left her, straightway retailing the
epithet to the person so complimented, who of
course, told her husband.      This made Rogers
irate and he upspake strongly to Fanny, when
she stubbornly expressed her determination not
to leave that house unless she took her husband
with her.      Meantime Jim had secreted himself               
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