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Text for Page 190 [09-18-1861]

           And is assaulted by Bill Rogers.
in one of the upper rooms with Mary, hoping
that Fanny would be persuaded out of the house,
affording him a brief respite from his daily
Tophet.      The proposition of removal, at first
made by Rogers in his wife�s presence, being ob-
stinately refused by Fanny, Mary had left the
room and sought her brother.     Then a decided
row occurred between Rogers and Fanny.    He
told her that the relations between host and guest
were mutual, that he would not have his house
turned into a hell for anybody, that she should
leave it without seeing her husband if Jim so
desired it.      She tried to rush up stairs; he
barred the way.    She shouted �Jim!� (�squawking
and yelling� as Roger�s called it, so loudly that
she was audible to a considerable distance) ad-
ding considerably to Roger�s exasperation.  He
put his hands on her shoulders, she clung
to the banisters and squawked �Jim!�  As no
Jim appeared, Rogers got her down stairs.   Ig-
norant of her husband�s locality, they did not
want to undeceive her, so Rogers went out of 
doors, biding his chance to see his wife and through
her, to communicate with Parton.     Fanny follow-
ed him.           Presently getting rid of her, he got
up stairs and obtained speech with his
wife � interrupted by the apparition of Fanny               
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