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Text for Page 191 [09-18-1861]

	The Taming of the Shrew.
with her squawk of �Jim!�   Rogers, goaded
to fury, made a rush at her with the intention of 
carrying or pushing her down stairs bodily.   She,
physically apprehensive, and as cowed as Pip�s
sister, after Dolge Orlick had administered his
practical mode of dealing with shrews, clung to
the rails again, found them giving way, and
screeched �Jim!� louder than ever.  Rogers� heavy
hand left marks on her shoulder which she after-
wards exhibited (and which Mrs Rogers sur-
mised she had manufactured herself by punching.
I acquit Fan there, for I know sher flesh bruis-
es with unusual rapidity.)  Nor did �Bill� spare
her in speech.   �A woman of fifty behaving like
this!� quoth he.     �Say sixty!� the maddened shrew
rejoined; �Well, sixty, then!�   x   x   x   �Call my
wife an ill-natured skeleton, you mass of gross-
ness!�  Fan, prolific of epithet as she is, was
no match for her antagonist, who spoke of her
to me with loathing and anger.    In this row
she had evidently found her master and knew
it, yet she triumphed.        Her yell of �Jim!� on
Rogers rushing at her betokened such bodily
terror, that both Parton and his sister appeared
at the head of the stair case.  �Then,� as Bill re-
marked �all the fat was in the fire.�        She clung
round Parton as he tottered, half-fainting a-               
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