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Text for Page 192 [09-18-1861]

	      Parton �caves in.�
gainst the wall and did tragedy.     Still Rogers
told him that he should not go and that she should,
if Jim wished it so.   �I told him it was
all theatrical on her part,� he said; �that she
had no feeling for him, only selfish ones.  He
said something about her having slept in his arms
or nonsense of that sort.    I got mad and half-
disgusted and left them.�        Of course Fanny
carried her point then.       Parton joined Rogers
at the stable presently, when they parted in
friendly sort, Bill giving him to understand that
he should always be glad to see him, but that it
must not be accompanied as then.  �If ever you
hear lies against me (as you will) recollect that
I and Mary shall be always the same towards
you!� said Jim�s sturdy brother-in-law.     A lad
drove the wretched pair to Rochester and Fan
had her victim again.        �There�s but one word
in the English language which does justice to her,�
I commented, when Rogers brought his narration
to a close.  �And that is Bitch!� he rejoined, put-
ting it in vocal capitals.        Notwithstanding which,
I think that the opposition didn�t behave judiciously,
nor was it altogether in the right.   But Jim�s in-
domitable sister believes in resistence, in spiriting
up her brother to do what he is physically and mo-
rally incapable of.   Jim�s subjugation by the mis-               
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