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Text for Page 193 [09-18-1861]

	Slavery and Tyranny akin.
erable and misery-inflicting catamaran who now
owns him is only a different development of the
same weakness which made him infatuated about
that female fool Ann Edwards, when a younger
man � whom, too, he once backed up in her shameful
mutinies against his good aunt, Mrs. Edwards,
a woman worth a hundred such step-daughters.
Had Jim married a woman who loved and admi-
red him he would have tyrannized over her, intel-
lectually � as perhaps Haney unconsciously propo-
sed to do with Sally Edwards, and so � lost her.
That young person�s selfishness saved her there,
as it has made her choose one who may prove a 
far worse tyrant, because a stupid one.     Haney�s 
faith in Jim is touching and womanish, therefore
liable to abuse. �The loyalest of friends� doesn�t
dare to visit his eulogist, for fear of the intolera-
ble despot, sensualist and shrew who �sleeps in his
his arms.        Which woman really has torn the
clothes off her husband�s back in some of her furious
assaults.      He was in mortal dread of her burn-
ing the M. S. of his third volume of Jackson, as
she threatened.  Were I Jim, I�d horsewhip
her until she prayed for mercy.        In the
row at Rogers, Mrs Edwards escaped witnes-
sing it, by going out with Jack.          Lunched
with Rogers at 2, then back to Heylyn�s store.               
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