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Text for Page 194 [09-18-1861]

	Friends of the Rogerses.
There till 4, then home with him (sending off
trolling-line to William Tew by the way) to a roast
pig dinner.         Cards in the evening.
  19.  Thursday.   By 10 � to railroad dep�t, there
waiting an hour for Mrs Rogers, who had appoint-
ed there to see off her mother and William Pillow,
on their way to New York, from a sojourn dating
since the death of John Pillow.      As neither Mr
or Mrs R. appeared, I walked to the lower
fall, finding the children and the pleasant-faced
schoolmistress at home.  Presently Mrs Rogers re-
turned from the city.   Lunch.    Return to Roches-
ter, Mrs R. driving barouch, I driving wagon.
To the arcade for Mr R.    Then through the side
streets of the city to a house where were staying
certain friends of the Rogers family, chiefly sisters
of Weddle of Poughkeepsie.  They were from Cana-
da, and with them a Mr Risdale, from near
Detroit, on the British side of the river.   Asking
him about Campeau (which name he pronounced
Compo as I used to write it) I was confirmed on my
impression that the man whose �body was foundx� in
the water, was indeed my Lake Superior and De-
troit friend in 1853.    He had a counting house on a
wharf, and was supposed to have tumbled into the
river in a state of intoxication.     A rich, fast young
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