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Text for Page 195 [09-19-1861]

	   Heylyn�s bad bargain.
man with a handsome wife, everybody in Detroit
knew him though my informant spoke only from
hearsay.      A hot drive back to the lower fall, both
vehicles full.      Anon a drive to a point on the river
where we took boats and rowed the women and young
folks up to the fall which looked pretty enough.
Rogers and I propelled one boat, Risdale another.
Back.    Supper.    Evening; some talk, and presently
I got to reading, as the rest played cribbage or
talked among themselves.  Rogers and folks were
friendly, but American hospitality won�t begin to 
compare with English.   You leave the latter loving
  20.  Friday.   Rain, clearing up as Rogers drove
me to the city.  Goodbye to him.  To Heylyn�s fishing
tackle shop, where he came by 1. P. M.    Home to
dinner with him.     Afternoon dozing and drawing;
he and his wife (who were at discord with each other)
nailing down carpets.        When, after tea, I bade her
farewell, she was sitting in a darkened parlor, in
a state of moody, miserable, vixenish exasperation
on the Brinton question, Heylyn, half-crying, trying
to soothe her.  �I wish I were going with you!� he
said, when she had given me a friendly good-bye.
�I wish you were!� she rejoined.       We passed out,
he still crying.    �This getting married isn�t
what it�s cracked up to be,� he commented.  �I was               
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