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Text for Page 197 [09-21-1861]

	           Back to 132.
Frank Hillard�s, addressed me.     Scenery lovely,
with some autumn tints in it.      New York by
3 �. P. M., arriving dirty enough.     In a 4th avenue
car to Bleecker, some oysters at restaurant, then
to 132, welcomed by Mrs Boley and Mary the
robustuous chambermaid.  A bathe, then visits in
my room from Phillips and Cahill, the latter
of whom has recently returned to the house.  Talk
of the row between him and Boweryem.  Supper,
with some familiar and some unfamiliar faces
at table, Jewitts, Bradshaw, Griswold, Geary,
Mrs and Miss ditto, the woman Ham, her fellow
canine Lee, Mc Cook, Mrs Jewell (not Alf Waud�s
�wife�s� mother) among the former.  Ham opened 
her mouth and elevated her eyebrows, preparing to
gush an ecstatic welcome when she saw me, and Mrs
Boley hardly could conceal her laughter at my bru-
tally cool reception of it.        Chores, packing, un-
packing, getting things into their former order.   Out.
At 9. found Cahill at Lipscombe�s �Optimus� � ale
and talk.     A gossip with the women on our stair-
case on our return, principally Mc Cook and Geary.
They must fain ascend to my room to view the
owl.     I had with some difficulty inducted him into
a parrot-cage, and a closet.       When Cahill and I
got up stairs, behold the bird and dislodged one
of the water or seed-glasses, emerged at the orifice               
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