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Text for Page 199 [09-21-1861]

	        A Nocturnal Brawl.
antagonist got him down upon his back, with the
table on him, and mounting that (it had been up-
set during the struggle) diversified his screams with
inquiries what Cahill intended to do if he complied 
with his drunken requests to be let up.   �Hit you!�
was the answer, at which the little man yelled the
more.     Presently Albert Boley, who slept in the ad-
joining chamber, appeared with a light.        (Cahill�s
had been knocked over.)  He was appealed to by Bowery-
em for assistance, went away under that pretext
and stayed there.  �I only wanted to see the fun,�
he told Cahill afterwards, �and thought if you want-
ed to lick him you oughtn�t to be interrupted.�   But
assistance arrived in the shape of Griswold, Phillips, 
Lloyd Jones and Jewett, all in their shirts or night-at-
tire.     They separated the antagonists, persuaded
Cahill down stairs and would have had Boweryem
go to bed.    But the little man was equally frighten-
ed and furious, his life was in danger � Cahill
intended to murder him � he would have him arrest-
ed � disgrace � ruin him!        So he sat breathing
vows of vengeance and dragging on his trousers, un-
der the sloping portion of the attic.      Cahill heard
him, rushed upstairs again and struck him so
as to make the little man�s nose bleed.  Boweyem
told me that the cartilage of his nose was broken �
that two pieces came away, inviting me to look up               
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