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Text for Page 001 [10-01-1851]

              4 x
     From				   to December 30, 1851.
		              October, 1851.
  1  Wednesday.  To the �Traveller Office, and many Nassau
Street calls during the morning, which I recollect not now. Holmes
Andersons, Strongs &c.     Afternoon, call at Chamber Street,
&c, to Castle Garden.   Evening to Mrs Kidders.  News of Lotty.
she being somewhat home-sick. /  Had a smoke with Mason in his room,
subsequently out together, he walking to Duane Street with me.
  2  Thursday.   To Leonard Street, saw Hoopers, uncle and nephew,
sitting in the room of the former, conversing with him and wife.  To Stewarts
with intent to sketch interior, but the magnifico-dry-goods merchant not being
within, didn�t get authorized.  To Beekman Street, to Strongs, talk
with him, (met Townsend there,) to Holmes.  Learnt how that Brooks
had been assaulted at his store; � (don�t like the bravo system of licking a man
by deputy.)   To Castle Garden, with note.  Met Livers.     Drawing in
the afternoon and particularly dismal and matagrabolized.   A letter from
Mr Hart, about to start for Cazonovia, making me an [words crossed out]
offer of $20 for title and drawings to be put on map, in stone.  Out
after supper, turned in Book Auction, then to Liberty Street, learnt that
Richardson was staying at Patten�s, went there, sat an hour, returned,
talk to Fogarty, then bed. )                Called on Picton also, in the morning.
  3.  Friday.   Drawing little initials on wood.  Took them to Holbrook.
Agreed to have them, and more, provided I�d take orders for clothes, or, 
the like in payment.  Got an order for breeks.   Afternoon Scribbling
to Castle Garden both fore and afternoon. Got note from Barth. Returning               
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