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Text for Page 200 [09-21-1861]

            Boweryem bawls for the Watch.
his nostrils � a proposal respectfully declined
on my part.     He asserted, also, that he was �co-
vered with blood.�     But Phillips and Jewett,
not to mention Cahill, laugh at these characteristic
exaggerations, which are essentially Boweryemish.
�They might have prevented it, if they had wanted
to, said the jealous little victim, �and the women,
too, they all seemed to pity Cahill instead of me,
saying �Poor fellow � he�s tight � that�s all! as 
if that didn�t aggravate the brutality of the attack�
The women appear to have been hovering on the
staircase, as the whole house was alarmed.         Of
course the men prevented further assaults on Bowery-
em and forced Cahill down stairs.         Then Bowery-
em descended to the door step and screamed �Watch!�
awhile, presently going some little distance in search
of the police.     That sobered Cahill.  �Where shall
I go? what shall I do?� demanded he, alive
to the probability of his revisiting the Jefferson
Market cells, and huddling up his clothes in a
hasty bundle, for he had nothing on but shirt
and trousers.      They hurried him down to the
second-floor (American) back, temporarily occu-
pied by Jewitt, and locked him in a closet.     Pre-
sently up comes Boweryem with a policeman, having
placed two others at the threshold to prevent the
escape of the assassin.     He would have every               
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