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Text for Page 201 [09-21-1861]

     x Boweryem�s hat was found in the area next
morning, Cahill must have pitched it out of window.
room and closet in the house searched! he aver-
red, exhibiting an amount of panic and vindictive-
ness, which none of my informants spoke of without
laughter.        Phillips and Jewitt asserted that Ca-
hill was not within the house, that he had escaped
during Boweryem�s absence in search of the police.
Still he insisted.       At length both of them spoke
privately to the officer, admitting Cahill�s presence,
saying that one man was drunk, the other scared,
and offering that he should appear in answer to
any charge against him on the morrow.  The police-
man, originally disinclined to apprehend Cahill
in consequence of his adversary�s frantic assevera-
tions, departed with his companions and quiet
reigned throughout the house of Boley.   Next mor-
ning the enemies met at the breakfast-table, eyeing
each other glumly enough.x  Boweryem got out a
warrant, went to the Times Office, made a splur-
ge generally. The magistrate wrote to Armstrong
at the office, requesting Cahill�s attendance.    Bow-
ery didn�t appear against him; he says because
the women begged him not to do so; Cahill, that
the case was too unimportant to be seriously enter-
tained.       The magistrate, on Cahill�s appearance,
knowing him to be a reporter, asked �Did you whip
him good?�      �No!� was the answer.   �More
shame for you then! � the case is dismissed!�               
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