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Text for Page 202 [09-21-1861]

	Boweryem not Pitied.
Poor little Boweryem seems to have reaped a
plentiful harvest of derision in consequence. His
ordinary boasts of being a �fighting-man�; his
British Volunteering, taken in connection with his
unmitigated terror, have been largely sniggered
over in secret, by both men and women-boarders.
�Cahill was so drunk that a child might have
held him,� depones Jewett.   Boweryem was going
to sleep at a hotel, after the departure of the
police, saying that he had fifty cents and that
he considered his life worth that!    Cahill kept
away for three weeks, calling in the day-time
for his linen &c, but finally returned.           Of
course he has not paid any more money to
Mrs Levison, nor saved any.        Boweryem is �in
love� again with a Miss Jennie Jewell, daughter
to Mrs J, who is husband to a big man, a pro-
fessional gambler, who doesn�t show at table,
having his meals sent up to him when at home;
he is at present in Washington.        Mrs Geary
did a good deal of flirting, and with Cahill, and with the
Don of diarmonds � an ex South-American gover-
nor and doctor.           He left, as he averred, in con-
sequence of a robbery of some of said diamonds in
this house; an excuse, Cahill surmises, for
doing so.     They say Mrs Geary used to meet him
out of doors.        She will flirt with anybody,               
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