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Text for Page 203 [09-21-1861]

	        Things at 132.
being sly and non-committal about it.     The
cross-eyed tenor is here, also Miss Mina � the
latter doing a mild flirtation with one Halsted,
who boarded her formerly.  He was a Pennsylva-
nian of ultra Secession tendencies, went down to
Savannah about a year ago, was in danger of
being drafted into the army, and had to escape 
westwards, leaving property behind him.  He is
now in the volunteer Northern army and, they say,
in a consumption.    Jones got fearfully jealous about
Mrs. Butler; went about slapping his forehead
and doing melodrama.      Miss, really Mrs. Black,
our ex-boarder, who excited the wrath of Boley
by starting a rival establishment, and wheedling
away some of hers, made a smash of it in short
time, previously seizing beast Le Van�s trunk
on account of his getting in arrears.    Mrs Palmer
has left.       The Lloyds all live in Jersey city.   Gris-
wold has regular employ at Anthony�s and �fights
the tiger� occasionally � a weakness of his. And
the women cackle a great deal of evenings and
are generally of a very cheap order, all of them.
  22.  Sunday.   Doing chores all the morning,
Cahill present most of the time.  A dull overcast
day.      In the afternoon to Bellew�s, learning
from Cahill that he had returned to his old lod-
gings at 12th street, though the occupants of the               
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