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Text for Page 204 [09-22-1861]

	           At Bellew�s.
house are different, as I surmised, for I know
how uncomplimentary the former ones talked of
him, on my call, subsequent to his departure.
Bellew is little changed, Allie taller, of course,
Mrs B. didn�t show, being ill � query enciente?
He was at work in the old place, had lots of
sketches to show, and general disparagement to
talk of England and the English.           Somehow
all the people who come into pecuniary relations
with Bellew prove to be very mean, suspicious or
exacting � which is suggestive enough.     Thus honest
Bob Gun had recently disgusted him by sending
to Haney to �collect a borrowed �4, which ought
to have been included in some of the American Agen-
cy bedevillifications between Bob, Becket and Frank
Bellew.           Then Becket talks of going farming in
Canada, hence I infer that the �fortune� he mar-
ried isn�t so easily accessible to Irish fingers as
the Bellews wished.  Bellew himself complained of
the difficulties and laws� delay in such cases.     He
was as usual to me.     We took a walk into Broad-
way and returned to supper together, a which
meal �Tom� Wheeler, Bellew�s brother in law was
present.       Banks came in, too.        I sat with the
latter and Bellew until 10 �, when we departed
together, Banks telling me a highly Banksian
version of the achievements of Alf Waud at Bull               
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