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Text for Page 205 [09-22-1861]

	Meagher at Bull Run.
Run, the truth of which I obtained subse-
quently from Haney.  It appears that Waud,
in some part of the action, got excited and procu-
ring a musket, blazed away with the others, with
what effect, if any, deponent knoweth not.  House,
on duty for the Tribune, reported this feat, a little
to Waud�s dissatisfaction, as in case of capture,
he intended to avail himself of his nationality, not
withstanding his having abjured it.  House and he
were at Centreville during the retreat, to whom
came the Irishman, Meagher (once of �the sword�) de-
manding �a horse� to ride away upon, in, as Waud
imitates an atrocious brogue.  �They have whipped
us handsome!� he ejaculated �and it�s me opinion that
the Southern Confederacy should be immejetly acknow-
ledged!�     This fellow is now receiving public din-
ners as a patriot.                Left Banks at 745, ex-
pecting to find Haney there and not caring to do
so earlier.     But, after church with some of the
family, he had gone home, Jack accompanying
him, as it afterwards proved for the purpose of
inviting him to Sally�s wedding, which he, instruct-
ing Jack to say all the necessary kind things, very
sensibly declined, as it would inevitably give him
pain.        The girls had gone to bed; I found only
Mr and Mrs Edwards.        Stayed half an hour
talking principally about Fan and the Rogerses,               
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