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Text for Page 206 [09-22-1861]

	 The Lovers �rile� Folks.
then left.    Nothing was said about the marriage.
  23.  Monday.   Chores.     Down town with Cahill.
Met Thatcher on his way up town to Mrs Levison,
which estimable person has discharged Larrison
and does what �editing� the Nic-nax there is herself.
She sent to Cahill asking him to get advertisements!
To Haney�s office.   Found him listening to a Mrs
Clarke, theatrically Miss Kate Fisher, who cackled
immensely about herself, showed me some trashy
verses of her writing, and is going to board at 132 
Bleecker.     She left in time.           Talk.   Bellew up.
To the post-office, Haney with Me.            Met J. A.
Wood.   Up-town.     Haney came at 6, dined with
me and spent the evening.          Talks of 745 and
of Sally.    The tete-a-tetes of the lovers, their
sitting reading out of one book, sofa-doings and
general ignoring everybody has offended folks,
even in the family.      Eliza is less of a confidante
than she was, being now unnecessary to her elder
sister.    Matty behaves well; has told Haney that
she used to refrain from church of Sunday nights
to entertain us, and that she suspected that we
didn�t care anything about it.   Charley Honeywell
has again seceded.   He invited Mat to his mother�s,
when the girl thought over it and composed a let-
ter, reminding of his having cut her father and
mother in the street one day, and demanding that               
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