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Text for Page 207 [09-23-1861]

	   Impending Matrimony.
he should explain, or she couldn�t accept his invita-
tion.       He couldn�t or wouldn�t, so she didn�t.
Knudsen is the only visitor at the house now.      The
wise Anne has incurred Nast�s detestation by cackling
some nonsense about Frank Leslie having said he
had been the making of Tommy, and talk of his an-
tecedents.  (He did sweep out the Bryan Gallery as
�boy� in the time when his father was a musician in
Dodsworth�s band.     Cahill recollects him; he was
a bearded Teuton, not podgy, like his son.)     Jack
complains to Haney that Nast �seems without feel-
ing.�     The marriage is to be celebrated on Thurs-
day afternoon, at about 2 or 3, only the family,
including George and Harriet, being present.  There
have been visits to Nast�s mother on the part of the
Edwardses; she cannot speak English.       Generally
the culmination towards matrimony has made 
745 very dull; Nast takes Sally to entertainments
alone, not extending such courtesies to his future
sisters, whom Haney does not feel called upon
to �treat� as of old.       Yet he goes to the house as
usual � paying for it, I think.            He left me by
10 � o�clock.
  24.  Tuesday.   Scoring up Diary.   Down town
in the afternoon.  Past Sol Eytinge and Nast in
Broadway, the former looking corupulent, the lat-
ter laughing.    Met Kelly, who told me that Hart               
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